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Cementing our ten-year plan for housing in Bristol

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Introducing our business plan and a vision for Bristol’s future

Every year since we launched as Goram Homes we’ve submitted a business plan to Bristol City Council. It sets out our development pipeline but also our values and vision – who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

This year, the plan’s approval coincides with a critical point in our business’ growth that sees us move from a start-up to a housing company with a pipeline of sites that cover the whole of Bristol.

We are an organisation with social value at our heart. This year’s plan delves into these values in detail.

Whilst it is important that we make a return to the council, our mission is not just about building homes and profit; it’s about the benefit we can bring to people’s lives through the homes we build, the economic benefit and the communities we create.

We’re here to build developments in locations people will want to live and add extra value back into Bristol. And of course, we we want to minimise any environmental impact along the way.

A new pipeline of projects

A core part of this year’s plan is to cement our pipeline of projects for the next 5 years – 12 developments in total. Over the next ten years, we’ve committed to deliver 1,700 homes with each site providing much needed affordable housing.

Despite the pandemic preoccupying people’s minds and headlines for the last year, the housing crisis hasn’t gone away. In fact, the impact has been felt most among those who already had less. That’s why it’s so important that we see this pipeline as more than just putting a roof over people’s heads.

The projects will create roughly £250 million worth of construction activity in Bristol and that’s good news for employment – our aim is that 75 percent of that £250 million will be spent on local businesses to stimulate the local economy.

All of these proposed properties will be built on council-owned land. And the most exciting part is that there is such a range of sites and opportunities for transformation. Geographically they stretch from Henleaze to the Harbourside to Hengrove with some notable sites in central Bristol such as the SS Great Britain carpark and the iconic A and B Bond warehouses.

Building for Bristol

We recognise that housing can be a divisive subject and that we are working in areas that people feel passionately about. We want to work alongside Bristol residents to get the best out of these locations and add value. We are willing and able to have open discussions with the communities we operate in and this pipeline gives us the space and opportunity to do that.

We’re at the beginning of our journey and we want to hear your views, especially those of you in the silent majority. Our job, as the projects move forward, is to work with Bristol to ensure the outcomes are the best they can be.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and you can read more about each site and our plans here.

Stephen Baker Managing Director

Goram Homes – Stephen Baker Managing Director

Published On: 10 March 2021

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