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School children take to the ballot box, to name their streets

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Children from three local schools took part in their own election this week. They placed their votes not for the next resident of Downing Street, but to choose names for the newest streets in their community.

Hundreds of children voted on names for five new streets that will feature in our New Fosseway Road development. Now named The Fosseway, we are building 130 new homes here with our partner, Vistry, transforming an old school site empty for over a decade.

The children learnt about democracy and the importance of placing your vote. The special assembly, given by Vistry’s social value manager Karina Kava, also taught pupils some Roman history, and the origins of the first Fosseway Road.

The Fosse Way was a major Roman road that ran from the mouth of the River Axe in Devon to Lincoln, so the shortlist of names for the children to vote for were inspired by Roman Gods and Goddesses. The winning names were chosen by 700 children from St Bernadette’s Primary School, St Bernadette’s Secondary School, and Perry Court E-Act Academy.

  • Luna Drive – Roman Goddess of the moon
  • Jupiter Drive – Roman God of the sky
  • Vesta Street – Roman Goddess of family, hearth and home
  • Neptune Street – Roman God of the sea
  • Apollo Avenue – Roman God of the sun, light and creativity

Children were given a choice of nine names, and asked to pick their favourite. All the children had different reasons for their choice.

Lucas, aged 6, from St Bernadette’s RC Primary School said the choice was easy because he liked Jupiter as a Roman God, and it was his favourite planet.

Barbara Lee, Head teacher at St Bernadette’s RC Primary School, said: “The children really enjoyed making their votes count today, and learning about democracy in an important week for the country. One day they’ll walk down the new streets knowing they had a part to play in developing them. That’s a powerful message.”

Around half of the new homes built at The Fosseway development will be affordable housing, a mix of council rent or shared ownership. The development will provide a large park, including children’s play facilities. It will also create a new walking and cycling link from Petherton Road to New Fosseway Road, providing a safe and green alternative to the Wells Road.

Christiana Makariou, Development Director of Goram Homes, said: “A huge thank you to all the children who placed their votes this week and helped us choose five fantastic new names for our new neighbourhood. It’s so important for people young and old to help shape their community. We hope this has inspired a new group of community of change makers”.

We aim to start building at The Fosseway later this summer, and look forward to welcoming some of the children for a site visit once the diggers are in action.

Natasha Palmer, Regional Sales and Marketing Director of Vistry Bristol, commented: “We’re very grateful to the pupils for engaging with this project and voting for their favourite street names. Contributing to your community is so important and the five new street names will connect the children to the area for years and years to come – they’ve made history! What’s more, the children have highlighted the importance of getting involved and using your voice, as they’ve proved that every vote really does count.”



Published On: 4 July 2024

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